"A Picture Paints a Thousand Words

But Written Words Tell The Story"


 Digital Kreation specializes in guiding families preserve and organize their family photos and then present them in family Photo Books & Video Slideshows  


Kim Clay 

Hi I'm Kim Clay, founder and sole proprietor of Digital Kreation. 


I am passionate about encouraging and helping people safeguard and share their family life stories. 


I'm  promoting my services as the equivalent of hiring a coach to help organize your closet but with a slight twist..... while some de-cluttering is involved, I don't have any hard and fast rules about 'throwing anything out'. It's more about selecting and showcasing the best.  

A Life-Long Passion....

Preserving my own Family's memories has been a passion of mine for many years.  It  probably stems from an inauspicious entry into this world and lack of knowledge  or connection to my heritage (see Not The Best Start to Life)   You won't be surprised that I've also voluntarily taken on  the job of  being  the family  heritage researcher.


My Dad loved gadgets and got me interested in photography at an early age. I still have a couple of his cameras and a whole collection of my own.


Before the digital era I used an index system with dates & short descriptions to identifying the best photos displayed in chronologically ordered photo albums.  

A Thechnical Background

I have  a long academic career  and  wealth of research, teaching, organization, technical writing, IT and presentation experience. 


Always an early adopter of new technologies, and ready upgrader,  I digitized early and used my IT skills to  take advantage of  advancing presentation options.


I'm now trying to put these skills to good use to help others  fulfill their desire to get their home media collections in order, and select the best family images to create stunning keepsake Digital Presentations. 


An Animal Lover...

Born in London, I gained a PhD in Chemistry from London University,  and also a husband!!   We moved to the US 20 years ago, with our  two young children.


I made a  first Life Story Photobook for my Mum* in 2011,  when I realized that she was loosing her memory. I took a hand-held scanner to her London flat* to digitize  her photos (mostly stuffed in envelops).   She now struggles to remember her grandchildren's names, but  never fails to tell me that she ‘was just looking’ at her album. I have  a  quite a collection of  my own family photo books (YES! one dedicated to the family pets)  and video slideshows, and have done many more for family & friends. 

* I'm also bilingual in English & US English!!!

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