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"There was an English Lady called Kim,

Creating Photobooks is now  her thing!!

She moved to the USA,

And now lives in Randolph, NJ;

If you need help, email or give her a ring!!!"



Home Media Management  &  Life Story Consulting

People hire a coach to help them  organize their closet,

We do the same for home media collections & Life Story Presentations


A  Life Story  is a snapshot of our lives, which is best told with a few selected images that capture us at special moments, and some well chosen words that express the truly memorable and unique aspects of our family life that we can reminisce about today and pass down tomorrow. The Digital Era provides us with some truly amazing new capabilities to capture and record unlimited amounts of everyday moments and events, with no restrictions on storage and retrieval. It also affords us with options to showcase our Life Stories in stunning digital displays.


The Challenge comes when you having to sift through so much analog and digital  data  to  Locate Your Memories ,  and not everyone has the skill to  Find the Right Words  to best tells their stories.  You may need to Enhance Your Pictures with photo-editing services & custom graphics and finally design presentations to Share Your Family Life Stories

Marie Kondo, the Japanese author and organization wizard has sparked a tidying phenomenon with  her KonMari Method of decluttering and organizing your home space as described in her book “The Life Changing Magic of Tidying Up”.

Our Plan follows the same principles of organizing and simplifying,  with a  unique suite of  consulting, organizing  and  personalized digital  presentation services, and comprehensive guidance packages with easy to follow step-by-step instructions and checklists to help you organize and simplify your photographic & video collections and  to help you showcase your Family Life Stories. We offer a range of assistance levels providing  personal advise, encouragement and guidance, for anywhere from a whole project including all services, to some, or only one element. Some of the services are not exclusive to Life Story projects.  Media management can be ordered as a stand-alone service and we also offer Custom Poetry and Presentation design  for a range of special occasions. 


 Everyone Has  A Collection of  Family Memories


Everyone Has  A Family Story To Share


Today's Technologies Provide Amazing New Capabilities


Also Some Challenges



Sometimes Less is More 


To Provide  a  Quality  Service


To Help You:  


Preserve and Organize  Your Photo & Video Collection;


Select & Edit Mementoes for Your  Presentations;


Personalize with  Customized Templates and Narration


At......A Reasonable Price!!!!

Kim Clay

Company Founder

Born in London, I gained a PhD in Chemistry from London University,  and also a husband!!   We moved to the US 20 years ago, with our  two young children. From my career in academic research, teaching & company start-ups, I have gained a wealth of  research, organization, technical writing, IT and presentation skills. 


Writing  poetry since I was a child, for at least the last 15 years I've  produced The Clay Chronicle to :

“post out the Clay family news in rhyme,

 to family & friends at Christmas time”.


Always a keen photographer, before the digital era I used an index system with dates & short descriptions to identifying the best photos displayed in chronologically ordered photo albums. I digitized early and used my IT skills to, keep up with and,  take full advantage of  rapidly advancing presentation options.  


I made a  first Life Story Photobook for my Mum* in 2011,  when I realized that she was loosing her memory. I took a hand-held scanner to her London flat* to digitize  her photos (mostly stuffed in envelops).   She now struggles to remember her grandchildren's names, but  never fails to tell me that she ‘was just looking’ at her album. I now have  a collection of over 30 of my own family photobooks (YES! one dedicated to the family pets)  and slideshows and have done many more for family & friends. Recently, I also took  on the role of  the family  heritage researcher.

* I'm also bilingual in English & US English!!!

Starting Early
Notice the fingers over the camera lens technique!!
Budding Chemist
Even with the safety glasses that's a little close!!!
Animal Lover
Although puppy doesn't look so sure!!
Pet Album
With lots of pages
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Budding Chemist

Even with the safety glasses that's a little close!!!