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 Preserve Your Yesterdays

Present Your Todays  

 Plan Your Tomorrows

& Don't Forget Your Pets!!

Why Choose

Locate Your Memories

Manage Media

Preserve and Organize  Family Photographic and Video Collections

Find the Right Words

Creative Writing

Family Life Story Writing

Custom Poetry

& Phrases

Enhance Your Pictures

Graphic Extras

Image Editing &



Share Family

Life Stories

  Digital Presentations



& Videos

THE              plan 

  Preserve Your Yesterdays   by locating all of the photos & videos of your family across many years, and perhaps across generations,  store and digitize your analog media and organize your digital collection in a logically designed Media Library. 


 Present Your Todays   by taking  a journey down memory lane to remember and note family details and chose the material that best showcases your  Family Life Story.  This can be as  diverse as  your whole family history  or a  small amusing incident, the thought of which still makes you laugh. There will be family traditions & folklore passed down through the generations;  everyday life experiences, different places lived, holidays taken, schools  attended,  jobs done and what was  fun - hobbies, activities etc....& Don't Forget Your Pets!!   There will be special memories from ordinary days and the big occasions: Anniversaries, Babies, Birthdays, Graduations, Engagements and Weddings and  celebrating the lives of loved ones who are no-longer with you.


Plan Your Tomorrows  by telling your Family's Story in stunning presentations, with  special  images that capture  special moments, and   beautiful words that express the truly memorable and unique aspects of your lives for you to  enjoy and share with your family today and pass down to future generations tomorrow. 



We are passionate about encouraging and helping people to safeguard

and share their family life stories.


We know that people are putting off starting a project because they are overwhelmed with managing a burgeoning family media collection and see it as a daunting task.


Getting started is often the hardest part! Once you start, you can often keep going and make progress. But sometimes you may need a little help to get going, and that’s where our commitment comes in.


We’ll Get you Started

If you want to start a project but are not sure what to do or where to begin,  it may be that  you  just need a few tips to get you going. You may want us to do some of the work or have us do all the hard work whilst you enjoy the process and end product…


And Guide You

You just need to tell us  how much you want to do and how much you want us to do. We will then provide you with a personalized  guidance plan that  meet your needs.  We will provide you with the tools and tips, support and guidance to help you set  your goals,  keep focused and motivated until you achieve your goals.


 1.       Inclusive suite

Consulting, organizing  and  personalized digital  presentation services  designed to  help you manage your family media collections  and produce keepsake family life story photo books and digital presentations. 


2.       Unique Plan  

Marie Kondo, the Japanese author and organization wizard has sparked a tidying phenomenon with  her KonMari Method of decluttering and organizing your home space as described in her book “The Life Changing Magic of Tidying Up”.  Our plan follows the same principles of organizing and simplifying,  with personalized guidance packages,  easy to follow step-by-step instructions and checklists to help  organize and simplify photographic & video collections and  to help  showcase  Family Life Stories.


3.   Personalized Assistance 

Personal advise, encouragement and guidance, tailored to the level and pace that suits you. Our objective is to Take The Stress Out of organizing your family photographic and video collection and make them fun again for you and your  family. We will  motivate you to get started and provide the support and guidance to set your goals and keep going until you have achieved them.  Hopefully, we can get you through the process quicker but we will  phase it  at the level of assistance and pace that suits you.

4.   At-home Guidance

 In the New Jersey, Morris County and surrounding  areas,  we can COME TO YOU to help you in the comfort of your own home.  


People hire a coach to help them  organize their closet, we can do the same for your home media collection.

A PErsonalized guidance plan

Initial Complimentary Call

This is a very important starting point.  As a personal service that could take many months to complete,  we need to have a clear understanding of  what your requirements are and we want you to be comfortable with the way we plan to help you  …after all,  we may be working together for a while!!

We will discuss  whether you want us to do  the hard work whilst you enjoy the process and end product or if you would prefer to do some or most of the work.   We can  explain  what is included in the different guidance level packages that we offer. 


During our discussions we will take notes to help us formulate your personalized guidance package, should you decide to proceed.


Guidance Package

We always provide a personalized guidance package with a set of easy to follow step-by-step instructions, and  tools and tips to get organized,  and  this may be all you will need to get your project off the ground. 


Getting started is often the hardest part! We know how easy it is to procrastinate about projects that never seem to rise to the must start list. 


Once you start, you can often keep going and make progress,  but sometimes you need a little help to get going,

Project Plan

For the more complex projects we will develop a project plan to provide structure.  etc..  This may require you completing  a questionnaire and participate in planning meetings.  


It takes a year to plan a one day wedding, so it's not surprising that it may take  a few hours to plan to document  all the other days of our lives.


Just like a Business Plan, we write  a section for each task.   We may have to do some research, for instance to source local providers of needed digitizing  services.  With the use of checklists and timelines we can  begin to gather together all relevant information.


We will set project goals.  This gives  focus and  helps  with using time and other resources more efficiently, and can give  peace-of-mind,  knowing  what has to be done. 


We can set  a  deadline of when you want the project completed. Then we can work backwards and look at what sort of  schedule  will be required  to meet the deadline. The process of doing a  Family Life Story project  can get  long and drawn out  if we do not have a deadline/end date to work to. Putting a schedule in our calendars keeps us reminded of this commitment and make us feel more obliged to meet it.  The length of time  scheduled is not as important as the frequency of the scheduling. Regular attention to project tasks often leads to continuity and greater productivity and it is always rewarding to see the progress we are making.





Having a plan,  support , guidance  and motivation will always get you through any process, and get it completed more quickly. 

We will have taken the time to get to know you,  and will be available to address any questions throughout the project.    The help we give is always personalized to meet your needs. throu


We will  provide you with the support and guidance and the motivation  to  not only GET YOU STARTED but to keep you on track and moving forward to  the FINISH Line. 

Our easy to follow step by step guides, storytelling services and other resources will take the stress out of the process. leaving just the fun part of seeing your life story come together and the satisfaction of  sharing and safeguarding  your family life stories to be enjoyed by family & friends now and by future generations, forever.