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  Creative Writing 

Find The Right Words

life story

Family facts & memories written in a beautiful storytelling style


Creative Personalized Poetry to include in a Life Story 


Personalized Inspirational Quotes & Phrases to include in a Life Story

special occasion

 Creative Personalized Poetry  & Phrases for Special Occasions


"A Picture Paints A Thousand Words BUT Written Words Tell The Story!" 

A Life Story Presentation is not a biography but captions alone are often not enough to  express the truly memorable and unique aspects of our lives. These are best told in  a storytelling writing style, 

Wordprocessing software and digital notepads can help keep track of what we write  and its presentation, but does not give us the inspiration or creative writing skills to fashion our family life stories or write personalized poetry to  include in your Life Story Photobook.  


Confronted with a blank NEW PAGE, even a professional Creative Writer can experience writer’s block!!


We provide a range of storytelling services and resources, to encourage and help you to write your life stories.   Whether it is because you are not sure what to do or where to begin, or  you need help keeping focused and motivated, or you want someone else do the writing.


Whether you want us to do  the hard work whilst you enjoy the process and end product or you would prefer to do some of the work, we offer  a range of packages from basic proof-reading, to standard editing or premier full writing services.


Poetry for Your Life Story 

or Someone Special 

Personalized poetry,  quotes and inspirational phrases can  make  Life Story presentation   more personal and special.  Like-wise,  a unique poem given to  a  friend or loved one on a special occasion can be a truly  meaningful gift  that they will remember for a long time.  

Who can write poetry to order, anyway? 

We can write a poem for you to include in your Life Story Photobook or for a special Life Story occasion such as  Anniversaries, Babies, Birthdays, Graduations, Engagements and Weddings.

The poem can be anything from a one or two line phrase  for an invitation, to a few verses for a greeting card  up to  several page to include in  Life Story tribute.  It can be written in any style from the inspirational to the hilarious.


Poetic Styles

"The words can be serene & inspirational,

 meaningful, heartfelt  and touching,

With Unique messages always personal, 

Or upbeat, catchy,  funny & gushing". 



Births, Birthdays, Graduations, Engagements, Weddings,

Anniversaries & more....

Project Progress

1. Choose A Style


Let us know what level of assistance you need and the style you would like your Life Story:


Assistance Levels

Basic - Proof-reading

Standard - Editing 

Premier -  We write your Story for you.

Storytelling Style

 Expository -   Impersonal                     "In 2017 the Blooms moved from Maine to Massachusetts"

Biographical - Third person                  "2017 saw the family moving from their beloved sprawling                                                                                          Maine home to a town-house in Massachusetts"

Autobiographical - First person        "In 2017 we moved from our beloved sprawling Maine home                                                                                      to a town-house  in Massachusetts"


1. Choose A Style


This can range from a long poignant Life Story  poem to short  carefully crafted verses for invitations and blank greeting cards.


Let us know what type of Poem you would like us to write:


Special OccasionAnniversaries, Babies, Birthdays, Graduations, Engagements and Weddings

Life Story


From Inspirational to humorous or anything in between.


2. Provide Information


We will send you a personalized questionnaire to fill out. This will give us the specific information we will need in order to write your Life Story or Poem.  

Poem Questionnaire

The Poem Questionnaire is a simple fill-in form for you to confirm the style and the occasion for which the poem is being written.                                                            See Categories  and Samples here.

Life Story Questionnaire

The  more comprehensive Life Story questionnaire is designed to jog your memory  about family details, milestones and special memories  that you may not have thought about in years or even decades! The  easy to fill-in forms, are designed to be fun, and bring back good memories and help you get started if you plan to tackle most of the job yourself


Once we receive your questionnaire, we will always communicate with you  by phone and/or email to confirm details.

A Life-Story project will likely include further interviews during the writing process or you may be to taking on the writing yourself.

3. Writing Progress


We will provide you with a first draft of your poem to review and comment on,  and further drafts until you are satisfied with a  final version.

If we are writing your Life Story, the same process will apply. 

It may be that you will be providing us with drafts to proofread or edit that will still require a back & forth.



We want you to be completely satisfied with your story or poem and  will  communicate with you  by phone and/or email to confirm re-writes.

Final Version

Once you have given final approval,  the final version will be formatted to your specifications for inclusion in a Photobook project or special occasion greeting card or invitation.