Let Me Guide You

 I am passionate about encouraging and helping people safeguard and share their family life stories and have developed an easy to follow step-by-step  Guidance Plan to get you started  and keep you on track to completion.  

Are You....   

  • Putting off  starting a project because you think it is going to be a daunting task?

  • Confused by today's digital technology?

  • Overwhelmed with managing a burgeoning family media collection?

  • Not sure where to start with your  project?

  • Intrigued by how Facial Recognition works but still a little scared?

  • Tired of doing nothing about your lifetime of photos

  • Worried  that  some of your very special photos may perish?

  • Guilty because you don’t backup your photos?

Guidance Package

I know how easy it is to procrastinate about projects that never seem to rise to the "must start" list.  Once you start, you can often keep going and make progress.


You may want  to do some of the work or have me do  the 'heavy lifting' whilst you enjoy the process and end product…


Whatever your preference,   easy to follow step-by-step guides, storytelling services and other resources will  takes  the stress out of the process. 


This will leave just the fun part of seeing your life story come together and the satisfaction of  sharing and safeguarding  your family life stories to be enjoyed by family & friends now and by future generations, forever.    



Project Plan

A personalized project plan gives structure to, and sets goals for,  the project.


"It takes a year to plan a one day wedding, so it's not surprising that it may take  a few hours to plan to document  all the other days of our lives".


 I'll provide a personalized project  package with  tools and tips to get organized, and support and guidance to help you set  your goals.  This may be all you will need to get your project off the ground.   With the use of checklists and timelines we can  begin to gather together all relevant information.


A schedule  gives  focus and  helps  with using time and other resources more efficiently, and can give  peace-of-mind,  knowing  what has to be done. 

  • Setting a project completion date  helps define what sort of  schedule  will be required  to meet the deadline.

  • The process of doing a  Family Life Story project  can get  long and drawn out  without  an end date to work to.

  • Putting a schedule in our calendars  reminds of this commitment and makes us feel more obliged to meet it. 

  • The length of time  scheduled is not as important as the frequency of the scheduling. Regular attention to project tasks often leads to continuity and greater productivity and it is always rewarding to see the progress we are making.


Having a plan,  support , guidance  and motivation will always get you through any process, and get it completed more quickly. 

I have the commitment, vision & passion to  provide  the support,  guidance and the motivation  to  not only GET YOU STARTED but to KEEP YOU ON TRACK and moving forward until you get to  the FINISH Line  and achieve your goals.


 I will always be available to address any questions throughout the project.