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Family Life Story Guidance

Everyone Has A Family Story To Share

Why Share Your Family Story Now?

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It is Never Too Early to Tell A Life Story

but You Can Leave it Too Late

"When we are young & our grandparents try to TELL

stories of their past, we roll our eyes & think SWELL!!

We're not interested, we really don't CARE,

To listen AGAIN to the stories they SHARE!!


Later when they have no memory, or have PASSED,

We wish we'd listenend & questions ASKED.

We regret not remembering and it's not written DOWN

Now they have no voice, or are no longer AROUND!!"


Everyone Has A Family Story To Share

Stripping life back to its most basic level,  the things we have  mean very little. The lasting, meaningful, emotional thoughts and feelings are the things that make us who we are.  Our deep and enduring connections,  and the life we have,  with our families are what mean the most to us.   These are  our Family  Life Stories, that we cherish,  and  record with photographs and videos.

There will be special memories from ordinary days and the big occasions: Anniversaries, Babies, Birthdays, Graduations, Engagements and Weddings  etc... and  celebrating the lives of loved ones who are no-longer with us. There will be family traditions & folklore passed down through the generations;  and memories of everyday life experiences:   different places lived, holidays taken, schools  attended,  jobs done and the fun things - hobbies, activities etc.... & Don't Forget Your Pets!!  

Passing on stories and images from the past is an important step toward preserving  our family history.



why share your Family Story now?

 The clamor to sign up to family history sites  like, and impatience to get  the results of our  DNA test kits back,  shows how much we care about our heritage.


It used to be that family stories,  passed down from grandparents by word of mouth, were often lost within a generation.   Today, the Digital Era  provides us with amazing  capabilities to capture and record everyday moments and events, with no restrictions on storage and retrieval. We can take virtually unlimited numbers of quality photos on our smartphones and the technology is continually improving with better resolution photos and video, larger file transfer. It also gives us the tools  to save and view all of our information, and there are  many useful apps  to make media editing and other everyday tasks "much easier" to do.  If that wasn't enough,  universal access to THE CLOUD has become  a GAME CHANGER, with  immediately back up of our data that we can view and share with others, on any  device, at anytime,  from anywhere. Not to mention  the promise of LIMITLESS storage  and access to our data,  uncorrupted FOREVER. 

​Creating Photo Books has become very popular.  From specialist online sites to  pharmacies,  we can upload our photos, choose styles for different occasions and personalize pages with different backgrounds, layouts and embellishments.  


Life Story photo books make wonderful keepsakes that a whole family can treasure forever. 

They  can be an especially meaningful gift to give older members of the family to help reminisce about their lives. 


We  have  albums and cassettes full of our children's childhood Life Stories. As they start their own families,

 What about a  photo book  or video of a few of the best moments for them to share  with our grandchildren?  


Why You may need help



Manage Media

Preserve and Organize  Family Photographic and Video Collections



Creative Writing

Family Life Story Writing

Custom Poetry

& Phrases

Enhance Your Pictures

Graphic Extras

Image Editing &



Producing Presentations

  Digital Presentations



& Videos

One of the  First Steps to starting a Life Story Project  is selecting the photos and other memorabilia. Old photographs, videos and documents may need to be found  and digitized.  With the ease of taking unlimited numbers of  quality photographs & videos on our smartphones,  that can be immediately backed up in the Cloud, it is not unusual for people to take thousands of photos every year.  

Digital Photography took-off in the early 2000’s (CD with photos)  with the introduction of digital cameras and solid state storage media.  Before that we recorded  our memories on various types of "film"  (think negatives, slides, home movies and videos).  Our, at least 20 years or older, analog collections can already be quite  sizeable.  It may include such gems such as grandma's  vintage albums & other fragile memorabilia,  movie film in their original metal cans, various videos (VHS & cassettes)  and  old photographs glued into scrapbooks, stored in photo albums or stuffed in old shoe boxes. If already digitized, these may be scattered over multiple devices,  a variety of storage media and on-line sites.


The Digital Era  now provides us with amazing  capabilities to capture and record everyday moments and events, with no restrictions on storage and retrieval. We can take thousands of pictures & videos, across a multitude devices, with little thought about capacity. The technology is continually improving with better resolution photos and video, larger file transfer and  the tools  to save and view all of our information, and there are so many useful apps  to make media editing and other everyday tasks so  much easier. 

The problem is that with  these rapid advancements,  "new" technologies are also  rapidly becoming  obsolete.  Digital cameras have already been largely replaced by smartphones, CDs  are "vintage",  and DVDs  are being replaced  by Streaming services. Even digital formats  keep changing. Your phone pictures could now have an .heic  file extension instead of the "universal"  .jpeg.

So  reports that  people are becoming increasingly overwhelmed with the management of their collections, is not really surprising. 


Unless a family photographic & video collection  is  organized in a Media Library, selecting specific photographs for a Life Story Project is going to be a challenge.

People hire a coach to help them  organize their closet, we can do the same for your home media collection.

A Life Story is not a biography but captions alone are not enough to  express the truly memorable and unique aspects of our lives. These are best told in  a storytelling writing style, and  poetry, favorite quotes and inspirational phrases can only make the final presentation  more personal and special.   

Word-processing software and digital notepads can help keep track of what we write  and its presentation, but does not give us the inspiration or creative writing skills to fashion our family life stories.  Confronted with a blank NEW PAGE, even a professional Creative Writer can experience writer’s block.

Without guidelines and support, Writer's block might be a problem & 

Who can write poetry to order, anyway? 


There are plenty of companies offering photobook printing services with  different  size and construction options,   a range of styles for every occasion and embellishments but they usually provide rudimentary photo-editing and  graphic customization services.


We are all taking photographs on our smartphones but very few of us are professionals. However, with the ability to easily take multiple shots and view them immediately,  we can usually get the shots that are worth keeping AND if the shot needs a quick fix, "there is an APP for that".   This was not the case with our film cameras, usually with a max of 36 shots per roll, which we were not so willing to use up  with multiple shots of the same scene. With less to chose from,  even our best digitized  analog photos might  need some First Aid.   This would be especially true of  Vintage photos.


Family Trees and Milestones that showcase  our family connections and the important events in our family's history can be   wonderful additions to our Family Story presentations.   Unique custom graphics  can also  personalize  a  Life Story presentation  and make it even more.

     Old photos may need a bit more renovation than an APP can give  AND

there isn't one to make a Family Tree or Timeline. 


 Producing Stunning Presentations

Life Story presentations provide  snapshots that showcase our lives.   By telling Family's Stories in stunning presentations, with  special  images that capture  special moments, and   beautiful words that express the truly memorable and unique aspects of our lives we are creating family heirlooms that we can  enjoy and share with our family today and pass down to future generations tomorrow. 


A Life Story Presentation can  represent any part of our lives,  from a whole family story spanning generations, to a specific time in the life of one member of the family. It can include information as diverse as a whole family history  to a  small amusing incident, the thought of which still makes the reader laugh.  Ranging from  a single photobook telling  a whole family story spanning generations to a comprehensive family history collection, it can  include separate photobooks, slideshows and videos  that represent anything from  our ordinary  everyday living,  special events of our family lives or a specific time in the life of one member of the family.   


Life Story Photobooks  can be a especially  meaningful to  older family members to help reminisce about their lives.  We are the keepers of our children's' childhoods.  Despite all our new gadgets & distractions, reading books with our young children seems to have withstood the test of time. What better storybook  can we give our adult children than one about their own childhoods to share with our grandchildren?                            

Slideshow and video presentations  are also great for showcasing our Family Life Stories and recording special events in our lives.  IF YOU REMEMBER!!! We wasted a lot of footage,  training our  camcorders  on one of the kids for many minutes trying to capture a cute moment.   Editing our  digitized old movie films and camcorder videos is a great way to consolidate  many hours of footage  and gives us the best way to easily  view and share our collection.  The footage  can be as simple as 1-2 minutes of highlights, or as involved as an edited down version of our entire video archive.   By clipping out the best footage,  we can combine it with  images, audio and writing to tell a full family story.  By  adding effects such as custom transitions, text effects, captions, title slides,  music and voice-overs  we can make  one-of-a-kind digital  keepsakes.  


Slideshow and video presentations  are also great  for including in, or remembering,  special events in our lives. FROM  entertaining wedding guests at a rehearsal dinner with memories of the happy couple growing up, meeting and saying YES!! , to recapping the special day and sharing honeymoon highlights with friends and family when they get back. OR FOR anniversary and milestone birthday montages with family & friends providing photos, audio recording and short videos to congratulate the honored guest(s).   They can be stored in the cloud, shared with multiple people and viewed on any display. 

Although easier than in years gone by, there are still plenty of production pitfalls in making Life Story Presentations.  


Would you like a Stunning Keepsake Photobook? 

or Slideshows to Watch on Your HD TV Screen?

What about photos & video set to music,  

That on any display, anywhere you can see?


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