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Manage Your Digital Collection

 Whatever the project -- from preserving and digitizing  treasured memorabilia,  organizing a digital family media library to creating beautiful keepsake Photo books and meaningful slideshows for important life events -- 

  Media Management

Organize Digital Media to Locate Cherished Memories 

Do you know where  all your digital media is?......  

  • Stuck on your phone?

  • Maybe in the Pictures folder on your laptop?

  • What about the computers you had before that?   

  • How about SD cards stuck  in  drawers or no long used digital cameras.

  • CDs.... remember those!!??

  • Somewhere on the world wide web?


Do you need help?...


  • Overwhelmed  by today's digital technology?

  • Concerned about not being a able to locate your favorite photos or losing them altogether?

  • Have you ever backed-up your photos?​


All digital media from various locations  


Checklist to determine  where  digital media is located:

Digital Media Locations:

  •  In the cloud - Dropbox, Photo storage apps -  Google, Apple, Amazon,  OneDrive Flickr  

  • Stored on  Individual Devices -  computers, tablets or smartphones

  • Uploaded to on-line sites,  or storage media such as USB flash drives or SD disks. 

  • On Social Media sites

  • Saved  on various  external storage media: CDs, DVDs, SSD drives, USB flash drives, SD cards  and scandisks


 And de-clutter a media collection from multiple devices and locations;


  •  Digital photos & videos from across multiple devices, storage media and online locations.

  • Merge   digitized older photos  and videos in a consistent archive

  • De-clutter - delete

    •  duplicates, 

    • very similar 

    • out-of-focus and other poor images

    • unidentifiable scenery

    • other  unwanted image files


Master chronological Media Library  

backed-up in different locations 


  • Sort  photo and video files  in separate folders organized in chronologically labelled folders at the top level

  • Sort further in sub-folders  to further catalog by time period, events and people. 

  • Highlight the best images  in 'favorite' sub-folders Set-up tagging system for easier search

  • Back up  of  whole library (at least two locations) to External Hard Drive and cloud locations

  • Connect with Photo  Storage Apps

  • Mirror with  smartphone &  tablet generated media, synched to photo storage services, such as Google Photos

  • Parallel with the different  Photo App  search architecture (facial recognition/ metatag),

  •  Highlight the best images  in Photo App Albums


 Maintenance Plan to keep future collections organized and easily locate memories

Media Library Maintenance Plan 

  • Simple regular 'housekeeping' plan  to keep  folder libraries  organized  and up-to-date 

  • Regular back-up strategies to  keep the folder libraries  safe

  • Simple regular 'housekeeping' plan  to keep  photo app libraries   a manageable size

  • Monitor & implement  updated  photo  app features​

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