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Photo-Editing & Custom Graphics

Enhance Your Pictures 


Repair Old Photographs, adjust color, fix blemishes, remove unwanted objects

Family Tree

Customize Family Tree  templates over several generations


Customize Milestone  templates with family info over any year spans


 Creative Personalized graphics to add to a presentation

Photoshop, Family Tree & More 

There are plenty of companies offering photobook printing services with  different  size and construction options,   a range of styles for every occasion and embellishments but they usually provide rudimemtary photo-editing and  graphic customization services.


These days we have the ability to easily take multiple shots and view them immediately,  so we can usually get the shots that are worth keeping.  AND if the shot needs a quick fix, "there is an APP for that".   This was not the case with our film cameras, usually with a max of 36 shots per roll. We were not so willing to use up our film rolls with multiple shots of the same scene and we  didn't  get to see what we had taken until they were developed, sometimes weeks later. With less to chose from,  even our best digitized  analog photos maybe could  do with some First Aid.  Vintage photos in particular  ma in need of some restoration.


Family Trees and Milestones that showcase  our family connections and the important events in our family's history can be  a wonderful addition to our Family Story presentations.   Unique custom graphics  also help personalize  your  Life Story presentation  and make it even more special. 

As part of our Life Story Presentation services, we offer a more advanced PhotoShop photo-editing service

We can make you  customized Family Tree and Milestone graphics   for you to include in your Life Story Presentations. 


The  Family Trees can be up to 4 generations.  The Milestones can be any date range. Both can include photographs  and be made  either for one page or a two page spread, with customized backgrounds and fonts. 

Photoshop Your Life Story Photos 

Add Personalized Timelines & Milestone  Graphics

Add Unique Custom Graphics

Project Progression

1. Choose A Service


We provide a limited photo-editing services for photos being included in a Life Story project,  such as:

  • red-eye & pet-eye correction,

  • brightness, contrast and tone adjustment

  • color cast & saturation adjustment

  • old photo clean-up - scratches, marks, dust marks

  • depth of field alteration

  • photo cropping & object subtractions & additions

Family Tree

This can be up to 4 generations and include a photo of each family member & up to 3 short lines of information e.g.  Name, DOB, Place of birth. We offer a range of photo frame, fonts and background colors and effects     



This can be any time frame range, and include milestone event, photos and information boxes. We offer a range of photo  and text box framing, fonts and background colors and effects.  


Personalized Graphics

We can add fun effects to your photos, such as shape cropping   and writing & shape overlays, clip art and more.


2. Provide Information


Upload your  photos and let us know what edits you would like 

Family Tree

Upload photos of family members and provide their information. Let us know what design features you would like.



Upload photos, let us know the time-range,   provide information to be included &  let us know what design features you would like.

Personalized Graphics

Upload your  photos and let us know what edits you would like

3. Editing Progress


We always make a copy of the original photos that you send to us.  We then save as that copy with a version number for each edit made.     


We want you to be completely satisfied with your photo-edit,  family tree or milestone graphic  and  will  communicate with you  by phone and/or email to confirm edits. .

Final Version

Once you have given final approval,  the final version will be formatted to your specifications for inclusion in your Life Story project.