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  Presentation Design

Enjoy & Share Your Memories


Production Options, design and  layouts, personalized add-ons


Presentation software, customized templates, production formats


Video-editing software, footage editing, audio add-ons


project Guidance

Multi-level Assistance on all Presentation Projects 



There are plenty of companies offering photobook printing services with  different  size and construction options,   and a range of styles for every occasion, with  embellishments. From online sites, like Shutterfly & Mixbooks to warehouse clubs and pharmacies.



While Photobooks make wonderful keepsakes and the best digital scrapbooks , today's technologies also provide us with even better display mediums ( 75 in  4K UHD LED Smart TVs)  for viewing our high resolution images.


Powerpoint has been the industry standard business presentation  software  for a long time, so why not use it for home presentations? It is very versatile you can click (or swipe) through the slides at your own pace, or set timed transitions, and  imbed videos and add audio and music.  Keynote  and google slides are also readily available and presentations can be converted between platforms and turned into MPEG-4 (.mp4) videos. 

Video Presentations

You don't need to be a professional to make movies anymore. There are plenty of easy-to-use Movie-Maker and Video-Editing programs that you can use on your computer, most with free lite versions.  And of course, there are plenty of apps, like iMovie.

 Not just for Life Stories

We offer a range of digital presentation  services and photo-graphic resources, to help you  design and produce beautiful  Keepsake Photo Books, stunning slideshows and  versatile videos .  While  designed for Life Story presentations,    we provide this service FOR ANY FAMILY PRESENTATION PROJECT .


While this service  is designed for Life Story Photo books, we  offer it to ANY FAMILY PHOTO BOOK PROJECT. We have  done  many  Photobooks  from Wedding albums to vacation travelogues.   


Slideshows & Videos  are often  great  for special occasion gatherings.  From entertain wedding guests at a rehearsal dinner with memories of the happy couple growing up, meeting and saying YES!! , to recapping the special day and sharing honeymoon highlights with friends and family when they get back.  Another popular choice is for anniversaries and milestone birthday montages with family & friends providing photos, audio recording and short videos to congratulate the honored guest(s).   


We provide a range of digital presentation  services and photographic resources, to help you  design and produce  your presentations.


Whether you want us to do  the hard work whilst you enjoy the process and end product or you would prefer to do some or most of the work, we offer  a range of packages from basic guidance, to standard collaborative  production through to a full premier production service.

We can advise  and assist you with:



  • The  printing service to use -  there are plenty to choose from: online services like Shutterfly & Mixbook or your local warehouse club or pharmacy.  

  • Storybook style and construction choices and  design and layout  options.  

  • File conversion of  formats to jpeg

  • Uploading  photos to photo book sites which usually only accept the .jpeg format

  • Arranging photos on photo book pages

  • Uploading  and arranging customized graphics

  • Adding embellishments

  • Writing captions 

  • Uploading  Life Story and other text to photo book pages

  • Pre-production editing & proofing of your Photo book before it is published.  

Slideshows and Videos

  • slimming down your digitalized video archive by clipping out the best footage so that it is  easier to view and share.

  • combining clipping into highlight reels  

  • designing slide templates 

  • adding, video, photos, custom transitions, animation effects, captions, title slides & more to your slide presentation

  • adding and timing audio and musical files to match the visual content. 





First  old photos & videos  were digitized,

Then merged, cataloged and organized.

Now all the hard work has been done,

They are all located in a place of one.  

Photobooks maybe your medium of choice,

But to slides  you can add motion and your voice.

With a digital footprint and thumbnail

There is no waiting for an orange box in the mail.

“A physical book may not be with you when away,

but a digital version in the cloud forever will stay;

it can be shared at anytime, on any day;

from anywhere in the world, on any display”;

Project Progress

1. Choose A  Presentation Style

Photo Book 

Let us know if this is for a Life Story  or other Family event , e.g.  wedding, travel etc..  Also give  us an idea of the level of guidance you will need  and, if possible,  number of photos and supplementary  writing and photo-editing services. 

Slideshows and videos

Let us know if you want a slideshow or video, and  if this is for a Special Occasion, e.g. wedding, milestone birthday etc..  with the date of the occasion.  We make an effort to fast track  presentations with a  specific deadline.  Still, the more time you allow, the more likely the end product will be completely up to specification.  A lead time of 6 weeks or more is best.  As with  Photo book production,  please give us an idea of the scope of the project and level of assistance you think you'll need.

2. Provide Information


We will send you a personalized questionnaire to fill out. This will give us the specific information to determine the complexity of the project and provide you with a Presentation package quote. 


Once we receive your questionnaire, we will always communicate with you  by phone and/or email to confirm details.  A Presentation project will  always include further communications during the production  process


If necessary  we provide:

 Clipsheets   to assist with editing video footage.  

Guidelines  customized written step-by-step guide.

Share site Access  login to a secure share site to collaborate on producing the presentation.  

3. Progress

First Draft

We will share  a first draft of your presentation  to review and comment on. 


 One comprehensive round of edits is included in your package.  We want you to be  completely satisfied with your presentation and  will  communicate with you  by phone and/or email to discuss further edits.

Final Version

Once you have given final approval,  the final version will be formatted to your specifications either as a slideshow or video  presentation.