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Preserve & Protect  Analog Collections

Do you need help?... 

  • Overwhelmed  by the size & variety of your collection?

  • Concerned about  deterioration?

  • Wish you could watch old videos? 

  • Want to digitize your collection but don't know where to start?

 Analog Media Preservation 

 Whatever the project -- from preserving and digitizing  treasured memorabilia,  organizing a digital family media library to creating beautiful keepsake Photo books and meaningful slideshows for important life events -- 


Inventory  Collection


Checklist to determine the types and size of the collection, the condition of the     media and how it is stored and organized: 

Types & Size 

  • Loose Photographs, slides, negatives,

  • Film reels - 8mm, 16 mm, super8

  • Videos - VHS, VHS-C, Betamax

  • Video Cassettes - 8mm, mini-DV

  • Documents - letters, certificates, newspaper clippings 

  • Albums  and Scrapbooks


  • Old photographs that  need restoring  or are stuck to album pages.​

  • Damaged tapes

  • Deteriorating  paper

  • How & where they are stored

How & Where Stored

  • Attics, Garages and Basements are not ideal due to temperature fluctuations & humidity

  • Sunlight may be fading Framed photos on your walls


Sort & label

Organize Media

Strategies to  sort  and organize Analog Media



  • Sort by when  taken, event, people, pets  etc..  in them 

    • Photos stored in labelled albums with captions are the easiest to go through; boxes of random unlabeled photos  presents a challenge.  ​ 

  • De-clutter - discard extras  such as duplicates or very similar,  forgotten scenes, out-of-focus shots. 

  • Select   the best photos from a certain time  or event.    

  • Organize  in labelled storage & create a digital index, to easily locate  special memories in the future​


Robust Storage Solutions


  •  Safe  Media  specific storage solutions best suited for your collection  -   acid-free, archival folders and boxes 

  • Robust long-term storage options  - airtight plastic containers


Digitize to Preserve


  • To preserve favorite photos, videos and other memorabilia  in  a modern media collection

  •  At home DIY  digitizing options 

  • Digitizing service recommendations

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