Plan Your Tomorrows

  Presentation Pre-Production Plan  

Select the Pictures & Write the Words to Tell the Story!


Although easier than in years gone by, there is still a learning curve creating Digital Presentations


Presentations covering multiple time-frames, events and people take planning....

What's Involved?

Select the Images...

First Steps  to  any  Project  is selecting the photos and other memorabilia.

  • Old photographs, videos and documents may need to be found  and digitized. 

  • Video footage may need to be clipped out. 

  • With the ease of taking unlimited numbers of  quality photographs & videos on our smartphones,  that can be immediately backed up in the Cloud, it is not unusual for people to take thousands of photos every year.

Unless a family photographic & video collection  is  organized in a Media Library, selecting specific photographs and video footage  will be a challenge.

Write the Words...

  • Video slideshows  and simple Photo books  may only have images with  just a few headings and captions. 

  • A Life Story is not a biography but captions alone are not enough to  express the truly memorable and unique aspects of our lives.

  • Poetry, favorite quotes and inspirational phrases can only make the final presentation  more personal and special.   

  • Word-processing software and digital notepads can help keep track of what you write  and its presentation, but does not give inspiration or creative writing skills to fashion  family life stories or write personalized poetry. 


Confronted with a blank NEW PAGE, even a professional Creative Writer can experience writer’s block & who can write poetry to order, anyway?

Enhance the Images...

  • Few of us are professionals,  BUT with the ability to easily take multiple high resolution images on our phones and view them immediately,  we can usually get the shots that are worth keeping AND if the shot needs a quick fix, "there is an APP for that".  

  • This was not the case with our film cameras, With less to chose from, and after years in storage,  even our best digitized  analog photos may need  some restoration.   This would be especially true of  Vintage photos.  


 Old photos may need a bit more renovation than is provided by an  APP...

Add Graphics...

  • Family Trees and Milestones that showcase   family connections and  important events in  a family's history can be   wonderful additions to Family Story presentations.

  • Unique custom graphics  can also  personalize  a  Life Story presentation  and make it even more special.

Photoshop can do that...

How I Can Help


Write captions, headings, personalized story-lines,   

 Creative Writing ​ 

  •  Questionnaires:  Easy to fill-in  forms to help with choosing creative storytelling , poetry requirements and editing assistance:​

  • Poetry

    • Occasion: Any... Anniversaries, Babies, Birthdays, Graduations, Engagements  WeddingsLife Story...

    • Type : From a long poignant  poem to short  carefully crafted verses

    • Style:  From Inspirational to humorous or anything in between​

  • Storytelling: 

    • Style:  Expository -   Impersonal; Biographical - Third person;  Auto-biographical - First person 

  • Editing:

    • Multi-level assistance: Basic - Proof-reading; Standard - Editing ; Premier -  I write your Story for you.


Advanced photo-editing

Advanced Photoshop  Photo-Graphics


  • To repair old photographs, adjust color, fix blemishes, remove unwanted objects

  • Customized Family Tree

    • Up to 4 generations and include a photo of each family member

    • Up to 3 short lines of information e.g.  Name, DOB, Place of birth.

    •  A range of photo frame, fonts and background colors and effects

  • Customized Milestones

    •  Any time frame range,  milestone event, photos and information boxes. 

    •   Photo  and text box framing, fonts and background colors and effects.  

  • Personalized Graphics

    • Fun effects to add to your photos, such as shape cropping and writing & shape overlays, clip art and more.


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