What People Say 

Michelle P.

Austin, TX

I had Kim do my wedding album for me as I had seen some of the work she had done before and she did not disappoint! In fact, it was way above and beyond what I would have expected and she captured every part of my wedding beautifully and perfectly. We have a personal collection so she was even able to get a copy of my dad's speech included in it! It lives on my coffee table and the bright amazing colors on the front cover draw anyone in my house to it and I get to relive the memories over and over. I will absolutely be using her again as I hit more and more milestones (first baby on the way!) I couldn't imagine a better way to relive the best memories of my life and Kim does an exceptional job of capturing their essence perfectly!


Kathy K.

Long Valley, NJ

The professional photos of my son's wedding in Argentina  are spectacular  but  the magazine style pages and  photo book that we  made was very disappointing. Kim recreated the photo book  by re-arranging  and resizing pictures in a beautiful black & white landscape design photo book  with deluxe lay flat pages. My first reaction was OMG  LOVE,  LOVE, LOVE... IT!!! Every page is BEAUTIFUL!!  


Jorika S.

Palm Coast, FL

Kim has done several photo books for me over the years.  I just send her the pictures and give her an idea of what I want and she does the rest. I have always been delighted with the results.  I really treasure the one in memory of my Mom, that  constantly brings me comfort.   The other that is very special,  is the  "Story of You" for the precious daughter that I'd given up ever having. I cried when I read the poem  the Kim dedicated to her.   


Eloise A.

Riverside, CA

I love my  "This is your life"  book.  I look at it  everyday. It brings back so many memories of all of my family and what I have done and where I have been in my  long life. 


Suza Van L.

South Africa

My sister lives in the US & I couldn't celebrate her 50th Birthday with her.  Kim put together a video of clips of friends and family sending my sister best wishes, that I sent her on WhatsApp,  and images of us through the years set to my sister's favorite songs.  Kim uploaded the video to YouTube and my sister's husband showed it to her on the day.  The look on my sister's face as she watched  was priceless!  


Kim A.

Plantation, FL

I was overwhelmed by the thought of sorting through my chest full of many years of family photos but with Kim’s encouragement and guidance, I was able to organize my collection and select the best photos, which Kim scanned & used to create 3 beautiful photo books that capture all of our family memories.  


Joan H.

Sunrise, FL

My children  asked Kim to make my  album.  There were  so many photos that I'd forgotten about because I hadn't seen them in years.  There are  through the years pictures of everyone in the family.  I  really love the different sections for each family  and looking at the pictures of me with my grandchildren.  No-one lives close to each other, so  pictures  at  family get-togethers  are very dear to me.